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Tom Coughlin assesses dismal state of 3-6 Giants

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Tom Coughlin's post-mortem on the Giants' loss to Seattle Sunday.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

One year and wholesale changes to the entire roster and the offensive coaching staff later and the New York Giants are right back in the same spot -- 3-6 after nine games. Only this time, instead of riding a three-game winning streak they are riding a four-game losing streak. What does Tom Coughlin think of what is going on with his back-sliding team?

"It doesn't feel good," Coughlin said during a Monday conference call. "There's progress [that's] been made. There's lot of things you can point to that are good, but we're not finishing the job.

"We all know what this game is about. You've gotta win."

The Giants, thanks to a turnover at the wrong time, sieve-like run defense and the inability to recover a pair of Seattle fourth-quarter fumbles, turned a 17-17 game into a 38-17 blowout loss.

"We did have our opportunities," Coughlin said. "We weren't able to finish the job. It's a four-quarter game. We have always talked about winnining the fourth quarter. We were not able to do that."

Here were Coughlin's thoughts on other topics related to Sunday's game and the rest of the season.

The Giants could neither handle Marshawn Lynch on the dive nor Russell Wilson on the quarterback keep Sunday.

"I don't think we executed very well. .... We spent a lot of time on the option, but it didn't show," he said.

Coughlin said players are "emotionally drained" today.

"I think they're competitors. I think they want to win. I think there lot of pride in the room. I Think there's a lot of pride in being Giants," Coughlin said. "I think the guys will hang in there and battle."