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Pro Football Focus Review: Seahawks 38, Giants 17

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Ho hum, just another week of stink.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, I'm no longer sad. I'm no longer mad. At this point, whatever happens, I'm no longer surprised either. I'm just numb. It's clear that this team isn't making the playoffs at this juncture and this time should be used to evaluate the young players that will be key contributors going forward. Like each of the past four weeks, there were some good results, but much, much more bad. So let's get to the analysis:

He's Back To His Normal Self (Offensive MVP)

Will Beatty (+4.0) - After a rash of poor games, Will Beatty returned to his previous elite level of play. He was slightly above average as a run blocker, but in 49 pass blocking snaps, he allowed zero pressures. That's right. No sacks, hits, or hurries. From the left tackle spot. Awesome. He's back to being ranked as the sixth-best offensive tackle in the league.

An Emerging Elite Receiver, A Sometimes Elite QB, A Pleasant Surprise (Key Offensive Contributors)

Odell Beckham Jr. (+1.9) - In only 308 snaps, Beckham has accumulated a +5.7 grade thus far and has shown no signs of stopping. This was his second 100 yard receiving game in a row and he shows no signs of slowing down. Much more impressive that this was done against the Seattle Seahawks secondary.

Daniel Fells (+1.6) - He doesn't play all that much but when he does, he provides a good mix of blocking and receiving. Today it was his run blocking that surprisingly gave him a good grade. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

Eli Manning (+1.3) - Definitely one of Eli's better games. He made one mistake on that throw to Beckham in the endzone but otherwise was accurate and made good decisions. He's been inconsistent this year, but he's taking care of the football.

Something Smells Like Pugh (Offensive GOAT)

Justin Pugh (-4.5) - Something is clearly wrong. He allowed one QB hit and five additional hurries in another bad game after a tremendous start. Justin Pugh was a top 10 overall tackle by Week 5 and has dropped precipitously since then. Is he hurt? I don't like speculating, but in this case, it would be a fitting explanation for a sudden drop off. If not, something needs to change.

The Usual Suspects (Key Offensive Villains)

Weston Richburg (-3.5), John Jerry (-2.1), J.D Walton (-1.6) - Oh look, the interior offensive line struggled again. Oh look, it was mostly run blocking. Is my "analysis" for this really needed at this point? It's all just fart noises now (insert Fester McDougal GIF here).

Michael Cox (-1.5) and Larry Donnell (-1.5) - To add insult to literal injury, Cox struggled as a pass blocker before he got taken out of the game with a leg fracture. Donnell managed only 4 catches for 26 yards and earned slight negative grades on everything, which in turn resulted in a cumulative negative score. He really, really needs to show what he did early on in the season.

The Sole Guy Who Didn't Have To Play Run Defense (Defensive MVP)

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (+1.3) - DRC allowed only one catch for 7 yards on the game and actually made a few plays on run defense. It's funny that out of all the players in the secondary making "business decisions" when tackling, DRC was one that really didn't.

I Decided Not To Show Up Today (Defensive GOAT)

Jacquian Williams (-5.8) - Through Week 5, he was ranked a top 5 outside linebacker. Boy, that changed quickly. Didn't clean up after the defensive line, gave up a big catch and run to Marshawn Lynch, gave up a 60 yard catch to a WR (I don't blame him too much) and really didn't tackle well, Williams had one of the worst games an LB can have.

Here's the Entire Defensive Line, With Some Secondary For Good Measure (Defensive Villains)

Instead of going through each guy individual, here's just a list for you guys because you don't really need me to hash out why they are here. You already know it's going to be because of run defense.

Mathias Kiwanuka (-4.9) - Here's a fun fact. In addition to his awful play vs the run, he also registered zero QB pressures on 12 pass rushes. For comparison, Damontre Moore had three snaps, one of which he spent in coverage, and with the other two, he got a QB hit and a QB hurry. Don't worry, though, he won't see playing time because he struggles in run defense. /sarcasm

Robert Ayers (-4.1) - Back down to Earth from last week. Had a sack and a hit, but not enough to cover up atrocious run defense. A really bad day.

Jason Pierre-Paul (-3.3) - The best run defending DE in football played like crap (get it? get it?) against the run. That kind of stinky day.

Mike Patterson (-2.5) - He's now -8.7 on the season but Jay Bromley can't be any better.

Markus Kuhn (-1.3) - He's now -10.7 on the season but Jay Bromley can't be any better.

Cullen Jenkins (-1.2) - Well, he was expected not to be good against the run, and he met those expectations and then some, though not as bad as the aforementioned guys.

Jayron Hosley (-2.0) and Zackary Bowman (-1.6) - They felt bad for the defensive line and so they decided to be nice and join in the fun. Together, they had a combined -4.2 grade against the run. Instead of trying and failing to tackle Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, however, they just declined to attempt to do so altogether.

Jameel McClain (-1.8) - He's the MIKE but a limited one at that. Joins the club when it comes to not having the aggression or the talent to tackle the Seattle offensive players.

Antrel Rolle (-1.1) - O captain, my captain? This is his sixth negatively graded game in a row. This is concerning.