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Giants at Seahawks, 'Kudos & Wet Willies' Review

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Who played well and who did not for the Giants on Sunday?

Jason Pierre-Paul sitting on the sidelines
Jason Pierre-Paul sitting on the sidelines
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Another game for the New York Giants, another blowout loss. Instead of the contending team they once thought they were, the Giants look more like the bottom-dwelling Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders with each passing week. Let's review Sunday's 38-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in our traditional 'Kudos & Wet Willies' style.

'Kudos' to ...

Odell Beckham Jr. -- How could we not start here? Beckham earned the respect of Seahawks' corner Richard Sherman and coach Pete Carroll with a terrific performance. As he should have. Beckham burned Sherman with a double move that led to a 44-yard catch. He had a 26-yard catch. He finished with seven catches for 108 yards, his second straight 100-yard receiving game. He added an 11-yard run. The guy is everything the Giants hoped for when they drafted him 12th overall, and the truly amazing part is how he is doing this with so little practice time after being out so long with hamstring injuries.

-- Watch the 44-yard grab over Sherman

Zack Bowman -- The guy was in the hospital earlier this week thanks to an illness, started at corner Sunday against Seattle and made a brilliant interception in the first quarter that gave the Giants some life. He deserves some praise.

-- Watch Bowman's interception

Preston Parker -- Maybe part of it was due to the show Beckham was putting on, but Parker had an excellent night. He was targeted seven times and ended up with a catch every time. He had a touchdown catch, a 25-yard grab on a perfect throw from Eli Manning and finished with 79 yards receiving.

-- Watch Parker's touchdown catch

'Wet Willies' to ...

The entire defense -- What else can I do here? The Giants collected three Seattle turnovers, two interceptions and a fumble recovery. Otherwise, the Seahawks might have run for 450 yards and put up 50+ points. It's hard to imagine a way in which a defense could have been more thoroughly embarrassed, especially since Seattle didn't exactly do anything tricky, or special. They simply ran up the middle with Marshawn Lynch (21 carries, 140 yards, 4 TDs) and overpowered a woefully inadequate Giants' front seven. Then, Russell Wilson simply ran around the edge for 107 more yards, taking advantage of seemingly clueless, undisciplined Giants' edge defenders (Jason Pierre-Paul, robert Ayers, Mathias Kiwanuka, Devon Kennard, Jacquian Williams were ALL guilty) who seemingly never heard of the word 'contain.' It was simply brutal to watch Giants' edge defenders crash down to the inside again and again and again while Wilson had acres of space to run to the outside.

The Giants gave up 510 yards of offense, including a thoroughly ridiculous 350 yards rushing. I don't know if there is anything more embarrassing for defense than to be completely manhandled, and that is what happened to the Giants Sunday.

Lack of discipline. Lack of physicality. Inability to tackle. Schemes that wind up with a linebacker covering a wide receiver 60 yards down the field. This is your 2014 Giants' defense.

The offensive line -- The Giants averaged 3.2 yards rushing the ball, with Andre Williams getting 33 yards on 13 carries (2.5 per attempt). There have been times over the past few weeks when you could blame Williams, a rookie, for missing cutbacks and being impatient. Not here. The Giants seemingly tried to simplify, tried to run straight, and there was no place to go. The return of Geoff Schwartz isn't going to be enough to fix this offensive line. Most disturbing of all? Justin Pugh, the 2013 first-round pick who needs to be the anchor of the line going forward, struggled AGAIN. He allowed five hurries, a quarterback hit, took a penalty and ended up with the worst Pro Football Focus grade of any Giants' offensive player, a -4.5. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if Pugh is healthy.

'Kwillies' to ...

Eli Manning -- Played very well, except for the one game-changing play on which he didn't. Manning threw some excellent deep balls and kept his composure in a difficult environment in which to play. He had to throw away three passes due to a heavy rush and spike one -- otherwise he had a 29-for-40 night, which was impressive. The one bad moment he had, though, ended up costly. Manning admitted he never should have thrown the deep ball to Beckham that wound up completely changing the course of the game. It was Manning's first interception since Week 4, but it ended up being one the Giants never recovered from.