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Coughlin Corner: Eagles have been 'amazing' on special teams

Coughlin talks to media to preview Sunday showdown with Philly.

Ezra Shaw

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin knows that special teams, an area where the Philadelphia Eagles have excelled this season and the Giants have been inconsistent, could play a pivotal role on Sunday night.

"They've won games on special teams. It's amazing," Coughlin said of the Eagles.

Indeed they have. The Eagles have four special teams touchdowns this season. Darren Sproles has a kickoff return and a punt return for a touchdown, and Philadelphia has returned two blocked punts for scores.

We will have more on the match-up between the Giants and Eagles special teams later in the week. Here are a couple of other highlights of Coughlin's Wednesday press conference.

On the Eagles defense, ranked 28th in the league ...

"In the fourth quarter when they've had to make a play they've been able to do that. ... I see improvement in the Eagles def, I really do."

On the Eagles offense, which has not been as good this season as it was in 2013 ...

"I see the talent and I see the scheme. I see McCoy and the outstanding personnel."

On the Giants' October success. They are 30-7 in October games under quarterback Eli Manning ...

"I wanted to be known as Mr. October. Reggie Jackson is a good friend of mine."

On the play of the first- and second-year players who have been helping the Giants this season ...

"This day and age in professional football they've gotta help you early. ... We've had a few guys that have gotten a lot of play time here early on and have begun to step up."