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Chip Kelly says Eli Manning 'very comfortable' in Giants' new offense

Chip Kelly talks about upcoming game with Giants.

Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly
Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

What does Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly see when he looks at New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who has career bests in completion percentage (66.3 percent) and passer rating (95.6) at this point in the season?

"Eli Manning seems very comfortable," Kelly told New York medai during a Wednesday morning conference call.

Kelly's own quarterback, Nick Foles, has not been as comfortable. He has already thrown five interceptions after throwing only two last season. What is going on there?

"A lot of things. It is a different team, from one year to the next, no different than the Giants are a different team from one year to the next," Kelly said. "I look at each one individually. There is not a glaring error on all of them, on the five that he has thrown. It hasn't been a consistent pattern. It has been a different thing here and there in terms of evaluating what is going on with the interceptions."

What did Kelly think of the debut of rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. for the Giants last week?

"He is obviously very talented as a high draft pick, got his first start. Everybody looked at him coming out, he was one of the top receivers in the draft. Then you add him to a Victor Cruz and a Rueben Randle and Preston Parker is playing real well. It is just another weapon that you have to worry about," Kelly said.

"He is athletic, he can get in and out of cuts, he is very sudden, he's got outstanding hands, he shows it not only as a receiver but as a returner. He showed in college he can make tough catches, we were real high on him, he never got to where we were, but we were very high on him coming out."

Kelly has been impressed by the versatility of the Giants' passing attack.

"We haven't looked at the Giants as a one-receiver deal. I think part of the offense that Ben (McAdoo) brought with him is that they're going to take what the defense gives him, so I think if your game plan going in is to say, ‘If we shut this guy down, we're going to be okay,' there are too many weapons on that side of the ball," Kelly said. "If you do a good job on Donnell, then you've got to worry about Victor Cruz, who's been a very, very productive receiver in this league. Rueben Randle has played really well against us and is doing another really good job this year. Then you add Beckham being back healthy, Preston Parker has done some damage for them, so I don't think you can look at it as, ‘Hey, if we shut down one guy we're going to be in good shape,' because Eli's so good at what he's doing right now. He's got all five guys, all five guys are live and all five guys can hurt you."