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Antrel Rolle Contract: No talks yet with Giants -- WFAN

Rolle says he wants to focus on playing right now, not on his contract.

Antrel Rolle greets fans
Antrel Rolle greets fans
Al Bello

Antrel Rolle, safety and defensive captain for the New York Giants, said Tuesday that he has had no formal talks with the Giants about a new contract for next season. The 31-year-old Rolle is in the final year of a five-year, $37.1 million deal.

Here is part of what Rolle said during his weekly appearance on WFAN:

"I've never been a guy to speak about contracts," Rolle said. "I let my play do the campaigning for me. That's always the way I approach the game. I've never been a guy to play this game for money, although I do appreciate the money. ... And to be honest with you, I really don't wanna hear anything about a contract right now. If they come to me as far as an extension, or they really want to do something, that's fine. Obviously I'm gonna entertain it. But while I'm playing, I just like to play. I like to stay focused. I like to keep my eye on the prize and just keep my head forward and just keep grinding."

What do you think happens with Rolle next season?

-- Will the Giants let him walk, making only a minimal offer? That's the Justin Tuck scenario.

-- Will the Giants give Rolle another big-money contract?

-- Will they try to keep him on a short-term deal, perhaps big money for a season or two?

Let us know what you think happens with Rolle once this season is finished.