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Pro Football Focus Review: Giants vs. Falcons

There were quite a few eye-opening PFF scores this week. Read on to learn more.

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The New York Giants, with a come from behind win against the Atlanta Falcons, have now won three games in a row. They've been impressive in all of them as well. Pro Football Focus agrees, as we have some truly great numbers for you this week:

[Writer's note: Once PFF Wednesday corrections come out, I'll be sure to let you guys know of any big changes.]

Offensive MVP

Justin Pugh (+4.3) - This award could have gone to really any of the offensive linemen but there's going to be no argument from me when it comes to Justin Pugh. This is the guy that didn't allow anybody to come within several feet of Eli Manning all game. Had a pretty solid game in the run as well, getting downfield for several blocks to help spring Andre Williams.

Key Offensive Contributors

Will Beatty (+3.8) - It's a bit of a shock whenever Beatty doesn't make "offensive MVP" nowadays, which is a beautiful thing. He comes close today, and the only thing that held him back was a sack given up to our friend Osi Umenyiora and another hurry. Still, a fantastic day in the office as he was tremendous versus the run.

Weston Richburg (+3.5) - Boy, this rookie has come a long way. Since a terrible first two game stretch, Richburg has followed up with a +8.2 over the last three games, which is an elite pace. He was perfect in pass protection and again, better in the run game as Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams took whatever they wanted on the left side.

J.D. Walton (+2.5) - Unsurprisingly, the top four grades for the Giants offense is their line. Walton, well, I could copy and paste what I said for the previous three guys, as he's been a revelation after a poor first two weeks. Since then, he's been a +5.0. Awesome.

Henry Hynoski (+2.5) - A virtuoso performance by Hynoski who stoned guys in pass protection and was a strong, strong blocker. There were times in the past weeks where he was nailed as the worst offensive player by PFF but they recognized his accomplishments this week.

Andre Williams (+1.9) - We all saw this coming. He was a tank and punished anybody that got in his way. He forced two missed tackles and averaged almost two yards after contact, meaning he always fell (or trucked) forwards.

Odell Beckham (+1.6) - Another rookie makes the list. Another obvious one. 4 catches, 44 yards, and 1 TD doesn't do justice to the impact that Beckham made on the field. He forced an absurd FOUR penalties on his coverage and consistently abused Robert Alford.

Offensive GOAT

Larry Donnell (-2.0) - I can't fault Donnell much in the pass game here, as he was often contacted immediately and double-teamed and neither did PFF. He scored just fine in the pass game, it was his run blocking that he suffered his grade and while I can't be sure of it, PFF seemed pretty convinced that he was a culprit on some downfield blocks.

Key Offensive Villains

John Jerry (-1.5) - The same story for John Jerry, very good in pass protection (allowed only one hurry) but really the weak link when it comes to run blocking. The result is a negative grade.

Victor Cruz (-1.4) - Again, it wasn't for his work catching the ball (he didn't have a drop this week!), but PFF gave him a -1.1 for run blocking. I didn't notice him terribly bad blocking, but there it is.

Defensive MVP

Jason Pierre-Paul (+8.1) - Was there any doubt? JPP was an animal. He had five tackles, two QB hits, three more hurries, two defensive stops, a pass defensed, and a should have been (but wasn't called) sack. He was an absolute monster versus the run and he literally couldn't be stopped in the second half. The guy opposite him, Jake Matthews, was annihilated to the tune of a -8.9 grade for the day.

Key Defensive Contributors

Johnathan Hankins (+6.0) - The day you don't see "Big Hank" on this list is the day he doesn't play. It's really a ridiculous shame that he isn't a household name by now because he's playing as well as anybody from the 1 technique position. He had a sack, a hit, and two hurries in another monstrous performance.

Trumaine McBride (+2.7) - A balanced day for McBride, who scored well in run defense and even better against the pass as he allowed only 27 yards in coverage. He's now the highest rated player in the NYG secondary.

Jacquian Williams (+2.1) - A lot of you might be surprised to see Williams here, but I'm not. He seemed like the only linebacker who was able to succeed this past week. He got most of his grade in run defense as he made a brilliant tackle for loss near the Giants goal line during one of their early stands. Later in the game, you'll notice they ran and threw away from his side.

Quintin Demps (+1.5) - He wasn't punished all that much for his fumble (though I think he should be) and was credited with an interception in which he made a nice play to cut in front of the receiver. Most his grade came through his pass coverage.

Defensive GOAT

Mathias Kiwanuka (-3.0) - I had hoped we were done with this but, alas, we are not. His grade is pretty simple, really. He rushed the passer 41 times and didn't register a single sack, hit, or hurry. For comparison, Damontre Moore and Robert Ayers rushed the passer a combined 45 times and registered three QB hits and an additional three QB hurries.

Key Defensive Villains

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (-2.9) - DRC didn't have a bad day in terms of covering his own man, but seems like he was heavily penalized for dogging it on the Antone Smith touchdown.

Mike Patterson (-1.7) - Another overall bad game for "Fat Patt" in which I heard his name called once on a run stop. Other than that, he was blanked in the pass rushing department. Would like to see Jay Bromley get a bit more run as the season wears on.

Prince Amukama (-1.6) - Most of his bad grade came from getting called on two separate penalties. Prince had an up and down game otherwise, and wasn't really his dominant self.

Antrel Rolle (-1.4) - Yeah, that missed tackle was tough to take. Didn't do enough anywhere else to make up for it either.

Markus Kuhn (-1.1) - An overall mediocre day against the run and blanked in the pass rushing department. About that Jay Bromley thing, again...

Bonus Stats!

- The Giants are now the second-ranked team (in terms of grades) in overall offense AND defense.

- Dominant DL: Jason Pierre-Paul is tied with Cameron Wake for top 4-3 DE. Robert Ayers comes in right behind both of those guys. Johnathan Hankins is the 4th ranked DT in the league.

- Dominant OL: Will Beatty is still the top ranked OT overall, and Justin Pugh jumps to fourth best tackle overall (second-best right tackle). No starting offensive lineman has a negative PFF grade. That's kind of absurd.

- An Actual LB? You don't (and some of you won't) have to believe it, but Jacquian Williams is the sixth-ranked 4-3 outside LB in the league.