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Coughlin Corner: Coach reacts to victory over Falcons

Here are the highlights of coach Tom Coughlin's post-game press conference on Sunday.

Tom Coughlin speaks with Odell Beckham before Sunday's game
Tom Coughlin speaks with Odell Beckham before Sunday's game
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

What did head coach Tom Coughlin think of the 30-20 come-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday? Here are the highlights of Coughlin's post-game press conference.

On the difference in the two halves:

"Two different halves, as far as I was concerned. The first half, I did not like at all and we did not think we played well. We didn't think we made anything happen. We made some blunders. The second half was different. We played hard. We made some things happen. The fourth quarter was ours. It was very good. I do want to say this to Mike Smith and his staff: They did an outstanding job, given the circumstances that they had this past week having to get ready, and I thought they did an outstanding job. Congratulate our team. We battled back and we won the fourth quarter and looked like the Giants in the second half and all three areas contributed very well."

On the play of Odell Beckham:

"I was impressed. He is certainly going to add a lot to our weapons and our opportunities. He made a nice move and ran right by him; if we only got the ball inbounds, that would have been something. For the first time back and for not having the preseason and all of those types of things. The athleticism was obvious to everybody and his speed will have to be reckoned with."

On the play of Andre Williams:

"He is a tough, hard-nosed runner. That is why he is here. That was his reputation and that is what his evaluation was. He did what he did the week before. He dropped his shoulder and ran through someone to get in the end zone. He is a hard-running ball-carrier who can get himself low to the ground and has outstanding leg strength. He seemed to do okay in pass protection."

On his message to the Giants before the game:

"It is obvious. Here we are off of the Thursday night game and we come back and there are three games until the bye. We are headed into the second quarter of the season, and I expect us to get better and better as we go along here. The message is execution and elimination of mental errors. We are late into the season, so we shouldn't be seeing any of that any more. The focus and the way we practice has to be better."