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New York Giants news, 10/31: Damontre Moore hoping his time is coming

New York Giants headlines for Friday, 10/31.

Damontre Moore
Damontre Moore
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! And Happy Halloween! Here are your Friday morning headlines.

Damontre Moore 'anticipating' his time

GM Jerry Reese wants to see Damontre Moore on the field more often. So does head coach Tom Coughlin. Defensive line coach Robert Nunn said recently he wants to make that happen.

"I've got all the right people saying it, so it's only a matter of time," Moore said.

"I can't speak for anybody else," he said, "but I know I feel as a true competitor, coming from playing and all of a sudden not playing, the anticipation and eagerness of being young and all that and the enthusiasm and just naturally being an energetic guy... you're right, I am anticipating it. I am waiting for it. Good things come to those who wait. It's just like that other old saying, anything that's worth having, you've got to work hard for. It's only a matter of time right now."

Moore has averaged 16 snaps per game this season and has been credited with two sacks, the first sacks of his NFL career.

The Jameel McClain Minute

Linebacker Jameel McClain was a quote machine on Thursday. Here are a couple of his best lines:

"Nine weeks of focus. Nine weeks for a season. Nine weeks of passion. All of those things. We get a chance to show the world who we are, how we finish and it’s a great opportunity for this team to prevail. My mentality is nine weeks to win."

-- McClain on the Giants' remaining schedule

"It’s crazy, man. It’s really unique, I’m telling you… we’re going to play defense. That’s how we’re going to stop them. We’re going to do the most unique thing you’ve ever seen – we’re going to play good, sound, fundamental defense and with that, we’ll see how it ends."

-- McClain on how to stop the Indianapolis offense

Eli again answers the 'too cautious' question

Whether the Giants have been too cautious on offense is the topic of the week, thanks to GM Jerry Reese's remark on Monday. Here was quarterback Eli Manning on that topic Thursday:

"I think we are just trying to run the offense. I think we are trying to run things we feel comfortable about and that we know guys are doing well," Manning said. "If we can create some throws down the field, that is great, but you can't force them just to throw the ball down the field. We are looking for completions, and hopefully we can create some big plays."

What is 'Playing above the Xs and Os?'

That phrase is one Coughlin has been tossing around a lot recently. Antrel Rolle interprets:

"It means doing your job and beyond. Doing more than is asked of you to do. Being opportunistic, going out there and making things happen, taking advantage of those opportunities. Even ones that are not there, you have to create them.... You play within the scheme; obviously, you have to take care of your responsibilities first, but if you can play beyond the X's and O's when a play permits itself, then you know you go do it, see ball, go get ball."

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