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Chuck Pagano: Eli Manning 'obviously' a Hall of Famer

Colts' coach sings praises of Manning and the Giants.

Chuck Pagano
Chuck Pagano
Joe Robbins

When New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese looks at Eli Manning he sees a quarterback who has been too cautious during the first half of the season. Terry Bradshaw sees a guy who isn't as good as Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano sees a player headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"Eli [Manning] is obviously going to end up in the Hall of Fame with his brother one day. He is one of the elite quarterbacks in this game," Pagano said during a Wednesday conference call. "If you don’t pressure and you can’t get pressure on him or do some things to disrupt the timing and rhythm of that offense that [offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo] is running over there now, then [Manning] will rip you to shreds. He can make all the throws and he has great touch and great vision and does a great job controlling safeties and people with his eyes. There isn’t anything that he hasn’t seen from a defensive standpoint."

So, of course, feel free to weigh in on the 'is Eli a Hall of Famer' question. We've done that before and I'm sure we will do it again.

Pagano, though, didn't just sing Manning's praises. He made the 3-4 Giants sound like an unbeatable juggernaut.

"What I see is a really good football team and a really well-coached football team in all three phases. I’ve got the utmost respect for coach Tom Coughlin and the entire staff there. He does a great job, he has done a great job forever, hold him in the highest regard," Pagao said. "You’ve got a defense that’s got a bunch of game-wreckers upfront, the front seven, that is going to be very, very difficult to block. Those guys still can bring it and cause problems from a protection standpoint. Got guys at every level that can make plays offensively. Eli Manning is playing really good, he is managing things; he is taking care of the football. Running game is going; I know they have a couple of injuries, that is the National Football League, like we do. Those young guys, guys are stepping up and stepping in. Like I said, the play of the tight ends and the young runner is doing a great job. Special teams, I know they are up there in a couple of categories, Josh Brown is doing a great job and Steve Weatherford, their coverage units, their returners are dangerous. All three phases, you see excellent play."

So, how is it that the Colts are a 3-point favorite?