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New York Giants news, 10/29: A little more about Mike Harris

New York Giants headlines for Wednesday, 10/29.

Mike Harris makes a tackle while with Jacksonville
Mike Harris makes a tackle while with Jacksonville
Sam Greenwood

Good morning, New York Giants fans. Here are your Wednesday morning headlines.

Mike Harris: 'Solid nickel corner'

News broke Tuesday that the Giants would sign cornerback Mike Harris off the Detroit Lions practice squad. Harris played 31 games over two seasons, starting eight, for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Alfie Crow of SB Nation's Jaguars web site, Big Cat Country, offered this assessment of Harris:

"He was a solid nickel corner, but ultimately didn't fit the Jaguars cover 3 scheme. Not overly fast, but physical and solid against the run and in zone."

Valentine's View: Harris is only 25. If he is indeed a 'solid nickel corner' he could end up being a good find for the Giants.

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Terry Bradshaw On WFAN: I Would ‘Easily’ Take Big Ben Over Eli Manning " CBS New York

During an appearance on WFAN, Terry Bradshaw was asked the Manning or Roethlisberger question. His answer left no doubt how he feels:

"Ben Roethlisberger, for sure," the Hall of Famer told Joe & Evan in his weekly spot. "He's big, he's strong, he knocks off tackles ...... Eli has just been amazing in the big game. But if you look, when the pressure gets around Eli, (Tom) Brady, Peyton (Manning), they collapse. They fall down. Big Ben shoves them off, pushes them off, knocks them down, gets out and makes plays. He's so big and strong; accurate, big-time arm, smart guy.

"I easily would take Roethlisberger."

Valentine's View: Easily take Roethlisberger? I am not going to say Manning should be the answer. In my view, there is no right answer. You can look at everything about both of their careers and use all the data to make a case for either of them.

Jon Beason plans to be around team shortly after surgery - NY Daily News

Jon Beason won't take the field anymore for the Giants, but he will be around the team in the coming days. And one day after coach Tom Coughlin hinted that, Beason made that clear on Tuesday, during an interview on WFAN.

"As soon as I can get back on my feet and start running around a little bit I’ll be back there,’’ Beason said. "I want to be around, I want to go to practices, I want to go to the meetings and still do my part. "

Beason went on.

"I still love the preparation of the game," he continued. "I think that actually helps you heal faster, still being around it, it keeps you motivated. It keeps you engaged and I want to be around my teammates.’’


The time Eli dunked on Peyton. This is a funny segment from NFL Films on the Manning brothers.

The Sporting News says that, overall, the Giants' second-half schedule is not that difficult.

The Wall Street Journal says that technological advancements are an advantage for NFL offenses.

No Giants are on the mid-season All-Rookie Team.

Hall of Famer Harry Carson did an amazing 'Heart of a Hall of Famer' sit down Tuesday during which he answered questions from students.