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Jerry Reese: 'It's time for us to play good football'

Reese meets the press, sounds like a Big Blue View commenter.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese sounded an awful lot like someone who has been reading Big Blue View recently during his mid-season press conference on Monday.

Here is Reese on the topic of whether or not he is happy with the development of the offense, which is turning the ball over less often but not generating much in terms of big plays.

"As an offense we have to be a little more aggressive. At times we're being a little too cautious. This is the National Football League," Reese said. "You've gotta score points in this league to win."

Sound familiar?

Here is another one that will sound familiar. It references the progress of second-year defensive end Damontre Moore.

"He need to play a few more snaps," Reese said. "I think he's progressing, but I think he needs to play a little bit more."

Pressed on those topics Reese said several times that he wasn't a coach, that he understood decisions get made in the "heat of the moment" and added "They’ve been coaching a long time. They know who to play and who not to play."

Reese also said that he and Coughlin have weekly conversations about everything going on with the team.

"One thing I will never do is bet against Tom Coughlin," Reese said. "This is a big moment for all of us, second half of the season. I think coach will get it done."

Reese said there is time for the 3-4 Giants to get back into the playoff race, saying he believes two or three teams will be battling for the NFC title at the end of the year and "I believe we'll be one of them."

"We can get back in the race .. we have to start right here right now on Monday night," Reese said. "It's time for us to gel and play like a good football team.

"It's time for us to stop talking about we got new faces, we got this, we got that. It's time for us to play good football."