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NFL Trade Rumors: What could the Giants get for Jason Pierre-Paul?

It's the silly season for NFL trade deadline speculation. So, let's get silly.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Ron Antonelli

So, the Worldwide Leader can float the insane idea that the Philadelphia Eagles should trade LeSean McCoy to the Oakland Raiders for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. ESPN's idea is that Philly would use the pick on Marcus Mariota, apparently since Nick Foles is no longer any good.

Well, that got me thinking. What could the New York Giants get for star defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, a free agent at the end of the season?

You want crazy NFL trade deadline speculation? Let's climb aboard the crazy train for a little bit with three potential JPP trade scenarios.

Yep, we're going off the rails! ALL ABOARD!

1. To the Raiders for the No. 1 pick and Justin Tuck. In a completely off the wall way, there is almost a little bit of logic to this. What guarantee do the Giants have that Pierre-Paul will return next season? Tuck is still a good player, didn't want to leave New York to begin with, and would likely love to be back. The Giants could use that No. 1 pick on, say, USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams or Texas A&M offensive tackle Cedric Ogbuehi.

2. To the Detroit Lions for Ndamukong Suh. Why not? Suh, by all accounts, is out of Detroit at the end of this season and there have been reports that he has his eye set on New York. Both teams end up with great players. Both guys are going to end up with huge contracts.

3. To the Dallas Cowboys for Zack Martin and Demarcus Lawrence. OK, I've gone completely off the deep end. I know you can't even stomach the thought of JPP in Dallas. But then, my other idea here was to the Baltimore Ravens for Will Hill, Arthur Brown and a No. 1 pick. So, let's stick with this one. The Cowboys are 6-1, yet their fans are still complaining about their anemic pass rush. JPP could fix that, I think. Martin is a stud offensive lineman many thought the Giants were going to draft, and there is little doubt they could use him. Lawrence is a pass-rushing defensive end the Cowboys drafted in the second round, and he and Damontre Moore might make an intriguing young pairing.

Final Thoughts

None of these are, of course, realistic. I just figured if ESPN could hop on the crazy train, so could we. Feel free to crucify me for these. Share your own off the wall JPP trade scenarios. Or, toss out whatever other pie-in-the-sky trade idea you have that you know will never happen.