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Around The NFC East: Checking in on the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins

Let's look at what is happening around the NFC East

Yes, this is Gavin Escobar celebrating his touchdown Sunday against the Giants
Yes, this is Gavin Escobar celebrating his touchdown Sunday against the Giants
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC East title is pretty much out of reach for the 3-4 New York Giants. That, however, doesn't mean you should not be interested in what is going on with the Giants division rivals. With this being the bye week, let's take the time to check on the other teams in the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys (6-1)

The Cowboys are riding a six-game winning streak, and their fans are beginning to sound like they believe the Super Bowl is a certainty:

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-1 and looking like one of, if not THE, best team in the NFL at this point in the season. With Anthony Spencer getting back to normal week by week, and with DeMarcus Lawrence likely to start playing in a couple of weeks, we can realistically think that Dallas in the Super Bowl is certainly within the realm of possibility.

No matter how good things are going, we know that fans can ALWAYS find something to complain about. For Cowboys fans, that seems to be the team's meager pass rush.

That pass rush might be about to get a boost from the return of second-round pick Demarcus Lawerence, a defensive end who has yet to play this season due to a broken foot:

"Lawrence had everybody frothing at the mouth a little bit out there last week," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on KRLD-FM. "He has really improved his body during this time off. He's used it to really have a lot of strength work. It's something that he didn't do as much [in college] as he's doing now. He's had quite a physical improvement."

Up next: The Cowboys host the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles (5-1)

The Eagles have not played since their 27-0 stomping of the Giants.

We talked Tuesday about trade possibilities for the Giants. Eagles fans have reasons to think the team will make a trade, and reasons to think they won't.

Running back LeSean McCoy is a great player -- he reminded the Giants of that with 149 rushing yards Week 6. You will, however, enjoy the fact that Forbes says McCoy is the second-most overpaid player in the NFL behind Percy Harvin.

Up next: The Eagles travel to face the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday

Washington Redskins (2-5)

The big story this week with the Redskins is that Colt McCoy will take over at quarterback from the bumbling Kirk Cousins at quarterback Monday for Washington. McCoy will function as the seat-warmer until Robert Griffin III is ready to return. Strangely, I can't find a story over at Hogs Haven directly addressing this topic. I can find a debate over whether the Redskins should ditch their 3-4 defense in favor of a 4-3.

Washington has also lost linebacker Brian Orakpo for the season with another torn pectoral muscle.

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