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Sponsored Post: What do Giants need to change?

What adjustments can Giants make to push for a playoff spot?

Without asking it directly, we have been addressing how this 'GMC Playbook' question relates to the New York Giants all week.

-- We have graded the offense and looked at what has gone right and what has gone wrong.

-- The offensive line has to be better, and coach Pat Flaherty knows it.

-- Are there any trades the Giants could make that will help them the second half of the season?

-- The pass rush could get a boost from Damontre Moore.

-- There are still many who think Corey Washington could help with more playing time at wide receiver.

The Giants, 0-4 against teams with winning records, need to figure out how to beat those teams. They need to figure out how to make fewer mistakes on offense and special teams. They need to figure out how to play the run and have fewer breakdowns on defense.

A playoff run is possible, but only if the Giants play much better football over the final nine weeks than they did over the last two.

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