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Jon Beason Injury: Time to shut middle linebacker down?

Tom Coughlin updates status of injured middle linebacker

Jon Beason
Jon Beason
Michael Loccisano -- Getty Images Entertainment

Jon Beason will head back to foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson at some point before the New York Giants return to action Nov. 3 against the Indianapolis Colts, Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Monday afternoon.

The veteran middle linebacker has not been 100 percent since suffering a broken foot during OTAs. He missed all of the spring workouts, training camp and the preseason.

Beason returned for the season-opener against the Detroit Lions. He played 43 snaps before the foot/toe injury forced him to the sideline. He played 43 snaps Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals, but then did not return until Week 6 against the Philadelphia Eagles. Beason lasted only 17 snaps against the Dallas Cowboys before being forced to shut it down.

Will the Giants end up having to shut Beason down for the season?

The opinion here is that the Giants should, indeed, shut Beason down for the season.

"We'll wait and see on that," Coughlin said.

The opinion here is that the Giants should, indeed, shut Beason down for the season. Beason, in a self-deprecating way, pointed out last week that the Giants have not won a game he has played in. That doesn't necessarily mean those losses are his fault. There is no way they can be pinned entirely on him.

What is entirely too obvious, though, is that Beason is nowhere close to being 100 percent. Beason has tried rest/rehab. He has tried a variety of orthotics and special shoes. Fact is, he can neither move well enough to make the plays he needs to make nor take the pounding required to get through NFL games. You love the leadership, the fire, the intelligence and the ability he brings to the table when he is right. He is, however, not right. It is plain to see that he is not going to be right this season.

The Giants would be better served at this point to move Jameel McClain to the middle full-time and let rookie Devon Kennard play on the strong side. That would improve the athleticism of the Giants' defense, would give McClain the opportunity to settle in and prepare at one position instead of two and would give Kennard both increased practice and game reps -- both of which should help the Giants long-term. It would also help Beason, who could simply go get his foto taken care of, get right, and get ready for 2015.

He isn't helping the 2014 Giants.