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Pro Football Focus Review: Giants vs. Cowboys

Just like last week, the grades are in and not many are good for our New York Giants

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It may not have been 27-0 bad, but in some ways this New York Giants loss to the Dallas Cowboys is possibly even more infuriating because of the mistakes that were made. Make no mistake, this game was winnable, but untimely penalties, questionable coachind decisions and turnovers once again made the Giants their own worst enemy in whats now becoming a really tiresome, repetitive story. So, with some measure of frustration, I present to you our PFF review of this game:

Should've Handed Him The Keys Early On (Offensive MVP)

Eli Manning (+3.4) - 21 of 33 (really should be 21-of-27, considering he had four "throwaways" and two drops) for 248 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs. When Eli Manning decided to throw, he got it done. He was quick, efficient, and ruthless as he carved up the Dallas defense. He hit a lot of his guys in stride, and a performance like this makes you wonder why he didn't throw it even more.

Let Me Just Pop In Here And Make A Play (Offensive Contributors)

Daniel Fells (+1.1) - Fells only played 18 snaps (11 of which were run blocking) and was targeted only once. That one target however, went for a beauty of a touchdown on a 27 yard catch and run. He did his thing, and PFF recognized him for it.

I Guess It's My Turn On The OL To Stink Today (Offensive GOAT)

Will Beatty (-6.1) - Full disclosure, I have a feeling this grade will be changed once PFF does it's mid-week review. I'm not going to buy that Will Beatty had a worse game than Justin Pugh did vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. That being said, he was pretty bad. PFF charges him with allowing two QB hits and two QB hurries (although I only remember seeing 1 hit and the 2 hurries). It was mostly his pass blocking that gave him his negative score, but his run blocking wasn't exactly good either. He was destroying people all season, I guess it was his turn to stink it up today because it seems like it has to be somebody every week.

Overmatched Youngins' (Offensive Villains)

Weston Richburg (-4.0) - Second week in a row that Richburg has found himself here as he continues to play undisciplined football. He is struggling in pass protection as he allowed a hit and a hurry against the very good Tyrone Crawford and Henry Melton. Like Ed stated in his "Kudos and Wet Willies" report, this is a game where he looked like an over-matched rookie.

Larry Donnell (-1.6) - This guy is so frustrating. Seven catches for 90 yards, including one brilliant leaping behind the back catch early in the game. He is so talented. He is also so boneheaded. Two more fumbles for Donnell, one of them that essentially sealed the game away for the Giants. Remember, he also had a bad fumble against the Houston Texans. Maybe the Giants should start making him hold the ball around the facility. Fix him, Tom Coughlin.

The Star Is Shining (Defensive MVP)

Jason Pierre-Paul (+7.9) - This was clear as day one of JPP's best outings. He was dominant right from the get go, especially in run defense where he scored a +6.3 That one day total would be better than all but two other 4-3 DEs for the season. That's how insane JPP is. Didn't do so bad as a pass rusher either, notching two sacks, a hit and a hurry against an elite left tackle Tyron Smith. People will make excuses for Smith's bum ankle, but nobody really gave JPP the benefit of the doubt when he played injured last year. Being healthy makes a difference.

Coming Through "Big" Time (Defensive Contributors)

Johnathan Hankins (+2.0) - Demarco Murray may have run rampant on the Giants defense, but it wasn't because of Big John Hankins who routinely beat on Travis Frederick and was behind the LOS on several occasions. He slowed down after an injury scare, but was still the big guy in the middle that couldn't be moved.

Jameel McClain (+1.4) - Personally, I think he should have an extra +1.0 just for telling Tony Romo that he wasn't the MIKE. He was rewarded for his run defense, and the team was decidedly better against it when he took over for Beason in the middle.

About That Left Side of the Defensive Line...Yeesh. (Defensive GOATs)

Mathias Kiwanuka (-2.8) - Another week, another Kiwanuka sighting at the bottom. In 22 pass rush snaps, he managed one QB hurry against Jeremy Parnell. It was his run defense (or lack thereof) that really contributed to his poor grade as the Cowboys continued to run it to that side of the line.

Markus Kuhn (-2.8) - Different player, same story. Another appearance at the bottom as he was blanked in the pass rush department yet again and made little to no progress versus the run. At this point, I can imagine the call for Damontre Moore and Jay Bromley must be deafening.

Poor Safeties, Backups, Injured Guys (Defensive Villains)

Quintin Demps (-2.5) - I honestly thought he deserved to be the worst player in this game. He was juked out of his socks by Murray once, had several miscommunications that led to big plays in pass coverage, and had a free rush on Tony Romo and whiffed. Yikes.

Cullen Jenkins (-2,4) - The duo of JPP and Big Hank on the right side (of the DL) combined for a +9.9 grade. The magnificent combo of Kuhn, Kiwanuka, and Jenkins combined for a -8.0 grade. It's fairly easy to see who's struggling and who isn't. Jenkins vacillates between playing well and not, but right now, he's the best we've got at 3 technique, so his injury is something to monitor.

Jon Beason (-1.8) - Impressively got this grade on only 17 snaps, but he had trouble in run defense and couldn't cover Gavin Escobar. Hence his poor grade. That toe is some kind of troublemaker.

Antrel Rolle (-1.6) - The defining moment of this game for me will always be Antrel Rolle giving up on coverage in the end zone of Gavin Escobar to point out a mistake by someone else as Escobar scored a touchdown. Yeah, it was that kind of day.

Mike Patterson (-1.6) - Hey look, another defensive tackle not named Johnathan Hankins that struggled in run defense. There is no sarcasm font for use when making these articles, but if there were, I'd be using it right now.

Chandler Fenner (-1.5) - How do you get a -1.5 grade in only four snaps? Use those four snaps to try and cover Dez Bryant.