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Rolle: Amukamara's improvement due to having sex

Newly-married Amukamara playing best football of his career.

Prince Amukamara
Prince Amukamara
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There are all sorts of reasons why athletes improve at their sports. Better training. Better diet. Better study habits. Simply gaining experience in and knowledge of their craft. Prince Amukamara of the New York Giants is having the best season of his career, and safety Antrel Rolle thinks he knows why.


Rolle explained his theory to the Daily News:

"I think it all ties into one another, as far as him getting married, being able to (have sex)," Rolle said about his teammate who had abstained from premarital sex due to his religious beliefs. "He's just developing more as a man and accepting challenges and being the dominant player that we need him to be that we know he's capable of."

Rolle said Amukamara carries himself with more swagger.

"For a man, that could definitely help him out. For a man ... I'm just being honest ... it's helping him out. He walks around with a little more swagger, which is something that we need, which is something that we love," Rolle said.

Well, OK. Whatever the reason, the Giants will take the new and improved Amukamara.