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Two Plays That Changed The Game: Turnovers Made And Lost

Two turnovers changed the course of the game

Wesley Hitt

The New York Giants have lost their second game in a row, and fall to a 3-4 record. However, unlike their previous loss to the Eagles, the Giants fought all game long, and the course of the game changed several times after the opening kickoff.

A Princely Pick


8a3fef7c-a38a-4206-a519-b1e56ab66262.0.html With 11:24 to go in the 2nd quarter, Eli Manning tied the ball game with a 9-yard touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr. On the ensuing Cowboys possession, a holding penalty on Dallas left tackle Tyron Smith and a 5-yard rush by DeMarco Murray forced Dallas into a 2nd and 15.

With the long down and distance Tony Romo is looking to pass and Dez Bryant is matched up one-on-one on Prince Amukamara. The play-call is for Bryant to run a "9" or "Go" route, where Bryant can use either his athleticism or physicality to try to beat Prince deep. Prince, however, doesn't give the expected jam and Bryant is thrown off balance.

Prince ran Bryant's route for him and made the interception. The following return started the Giants' offense up at the Dallas 27-yard line, and set up an Eli To Fells Touchdown to take the lead.

Fumbling The Game Away


Early in the 4th quarter, it was once again a 7-point game, and the Giants got the ball back with 12:33 left in the game. Before Dallas' previous possession, the Giants were moving the ball well -- until the offense was bogged down by a holding call.

The Giants found themselves in a 3rd and 8 after two less-than-successful runs. And then Eli Manning found tight end Larry Donnell over the middle to seemingly pick up the first down. Unfortunately, Donnell only had one arm on the ball, and it was ripped free as he went down.

The Giants tried to fight back, and Eli threw a third touchdown to Odell Beckham Jr to make it a one-score game again. But when that ball hit the ground, so did any realistic chance the Giants had of pulling out a win.

Final Thoughts

This was a frustrating loss. The Giants played well on offense and defense for good stretches. However mental lapses, breakdowns in discipline, and some coaching decisions, all conspired to put the game out of reach.

A terrific interception turned the game in the Giants' favor. Then a fumble in a critical moment ended any chance they had of winning the game.