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Which Giant would you most like to see try the salsa dance?

Some offensive players plan to honor Cruz by using his dance if they score a touchdown.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Victor Cruz said Friday that it is "pretty humbling" that some of his New York Giants teammates say they plan to salsa dance in his honor if they are fortunate enough to score a touchdown Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. That begs the question -- which of Cruz's teammates would you most like to see try the salsa?

Let's keep this just to the offensive players.

My guess? The best salsa would likely come from Odell Beckham or Rueben Randle. My dark-horse candidate? Tight end Larry Donnell, an athletic monster who has surprised in other ways already this season.

The guy I would most like to see give the salsa a whirl. Quarterback Eli Manning. Just imagine what Manning might look showing off his dance moves. Fullback Henry Hynoski wouldn't be a bad backup plan to root for in the "I'd like to see him try it" department.

Then again, maybe you just want to see something like this: