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Fewell: Giants went 'outside of the framework' of the defense vs. Eagles

Giants' defensive coordinator talks about Eagles, hopes to fix mistakes vs. Cowboys

LeSean McCoy ran wild vs. the Giants. Will DeMarco Murray do the same?
LeSean McCoy ran wild vs. the Giants. Will DeMarco Murray do the same?
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said Thursday that part of the reason LeSean McCoy was able to run for 149 yards last Sunday was due to McCoy's greatness. Part, though, was due to the failures of Giants' defenders to "apply some principles that we went into the game saying we were going to apply."

"We really tried to take advantage of some opportunities we thought we saw. It happened at a high rate of speed and we couldn't take advantage of those opportunities, so we went outside of the framework of the principles of what we wanted to do and so when we say do your job, if you just go and fit in spots you are supposed to fit in and trust that the next guy is going to be there in his spot, then we are going to be fine," Fewell said. "We took some chances like, ‘Oh, I am going to go make that play.' But we didn't make it."

The Giants face another tremendous running back, league-leading rusher DeMarco Murray, on Sunday.

"His vision is improved, in my opinion, from years past. Obviously the offensive line is a good offensive line, three number ones along the offensive line. The way they are complementing each other is going to be a challenge for us," Fewell said. "The way we have approached it and the way we have practiced the last day or two days, I feel like we can bounce back and do a good job in the run game."

Here are some of the other topics Fewell addressed during his meeting with the media.

On Jayron Hosley, thrust into the starting role at slot corner due to the season-ending injuries suffered by Walter Thurmond and Trumaine McBride ...

"It is a great opportunity for him ... I still see the talent. I think he has to speed up mentally. It is all between the ears with him. He has the talent. It is between the ears for him."

On the match-up between Tyron Smith and Jason Pierre-Paul ...

"He [Smith] is physical. He is strong. When they really want to get it, they run behind him, so you can tell he is the lynchpin of the offense. Our best guy is on him. I think it will be a heavyweight battle with JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul] and [Smith]. The confidence that he is playing with, because he has been in their system, and they do what they do because of him. He is able to move out the first level guys, the defensive linemen, he is able to seal off the second level guy, be it a linebacker or safety, and he is just playing at such a high level right now that JPP and our defensive linemen have to play at their best to have a good shot to neutralize this guy. That is what you hope to do, neutralize him."

On Jon Beason's play last week and expectations for him this week ...

"He was rusty. He did some good things, I'm not saying he didn't. He did some good things. We have such a high level of expectation out of Jon Beason. There were some plays out there that when you go back there and look at the tape in the ball game and saying, ‘Jon Beason would've made that play.' With more practice, more reps and more looks, he is going to make those plays for you. I would look for him to be even better this week.'