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Giants at Cowboys 2014: Five things to watch Sunday

Five keys to Sunday's game for the Giants.

The Giants were down and out last week. Can they pick themselves up this week?
The Giants were down and out last week. Can they pick themselves up this week?
Evan Habeeb

Can the New York Giants pick themselves up, dust themselves off, hold their heads up high after last week's Philly Flop, got to Arlington, Texas on Sunday and upset the streaking Dallas Cowboys? Here are five things to watch that will help determine the outcome.

The mood of the Giants

The Giants were devastated by both their embarrassing oss to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday and the screams of Victor Cruz when he went down with a torn patellar tendon. You could hear in their voices, see on their faces and read in their words that letting go of last Sunday, and finding a way to feel good about themselves and get excited for this Sunday's key game against the Cowboys has been difficult.

It probably won't take long Sunday afternoon to figure out if Tom Coughlin has been able to work some mind magic on the Giants and get them in the right frame of mind for a game they desperately need to win.

How the Giants deploy their receivers

This has, of course, been a topic all week with Cruz down for the season. The likely answer is that the Giants will move guys around, try to throw to the tight ends more, try to find situations for guys like Corey Washington and newly-acquired Kevin Ogletree. Like so many things have been for the Giants this season, it will be a work in progress.

The time of possession

The Cowboys are controlling the clock so far with DeMarco Murray running wild. Murray has 100+ yards in every game and his 785 total yards rushing are more than 29 entire teams thus far this season.

If the Giants can control the time of possession, that means a few things. It means they are controlling Murray and making the Cowboys go off-script offensively. It also means that they are running the ball well and keeping the Dallas defense, protected well by the offense so far this season, on the field.

Win the time of possession, the Giants give themselves a chance to win the game.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Will he play or won't he? He practiced on Friday, so there is that. Will he shadow Dez Bryant if he does play? How effective will he be? How many snaps will he be able to play? DRC said Thursday that he has "problems down my leg on the entire right side." That doesn't sound good at all.

Those not so special special teams

We asked this on Friday. Can the Giants get through just one game without doing something to hurt themselves on special teams?