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Demoralized Antrel Rolle -- 'Everyone's grade was an F'

Rolle talks about loss to Eagles during weekly appearance on WFAN

Evan Habeeb

Want a good gauge for the emotional state of the New York Giants following Sunday's humiliating 27-0 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles? The weekly appearance on WFAN radio Tuesday of Antrel Rolle is about a good a barometer as you are going to get right now.

Rolle sounded down, demoralized -- even defeated if you want to use that word -- during his chat with Joe and Evan. There was no bravado.

"For whatever reason we didn't show up to play," Rolle said of Sunday's loss. "Once the whistle was blown, there was no Giants team there to play."

Rolle gave credit to the Eagles.

"For whatever reason they were obviously the more aggressive opponent. They were tougher, they were meaner, they were stronger, they were faster," Rolle said. "We were dominated in all phases of the game. I think it's obvious"

Rolle said "I really don't buy into" the idea that trash talk throughout the week contributed to the Giants' downfall.

"No matter who says what you still have to go out there and play the game," Rolle said. "Their team was the dominant team this past Sunday."

Rolle was asked how LeSean McCoy was able to torch the Giants for 149 yards on 22 carries.

"We did a great job in allowing him to do a phenomenal job in the run game," Rolle said. "It was simple gap control. Knowing where you have to be, knowing how to set the edges of the defense. We did a horrible job of setting the edge. ...

"We didn't do the job we were supposed to do on defense. Period"

Rolle was concerned about the lack of fight in the Giants Sunday night.

"We just got whupped. We got manhandled. We got punched in the mouth and we didn't fight back," Rolle said."How do you respond to being beat? Are you going to hang your head an dallow yourself to stay beat or are you going to raise up and fight like a man? I didn't see anyone raise up.

"We lost that game as a whole ... no one played OK. When you lose 27-zip no one has a good game. In my opinion everyone's grade was an F."

Rolle was asked about the Victor Cruz injury. He said he has watched the play 15-20 times trying to figure out how Cruz got hurt.

"Some things are just freakish. That's just a freakish accident," Rolle said. "I just can't get out of my head the way he was just out there screaming."