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Victor Cruz undergoes surgery on torn patellar tendon

Giants announce that Cruz has already had surgery

Rich Schultz

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz late this afternoon underwent successful surgery to repair the torn patellar tendon in his right knee.

The surgery was performed by team physician Dr. Russell Warren at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

Most reports have indicated that recovery is a four- to six-month process. The Giants did not announce any other damage to Cruz's knee, which is good news Here is a reminder of what Dr. Kyle Flik told us earlier today:

"He certainly has a good chance of being back for the preseason next year," Flik said. "Anything like this is going to be just one more factor that can keep somebody from being at that elite level.

"I wouldn't make any predictions but I think he will certainly be able to have it repaired and rehabbed and be back at it next year. It's hard to know, with any surgery there is a lot of unknowns and potential problems."

The Giants posted this Cruz get-well card on their web site: