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Pro Football Focus Post-Mortem: Giants vs. Eagles

It doesn't take a psychic to know that this week's grades are going to be ugly.

One of the lone bright spots in a sorry, sorry overall performance.
One of the lone bright spots in a sorry, sorry overall performance.
Rich Schultz

So that happened. The New York Giants faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles and it was a massacre.

To be completely honest with you, I'm not too excited about writing this post. But just like with the Giants, we have to take a look, learn what we can and soldier on before we burn the tape. As expected Pro Football Focus was ... less than enthused about the performance of the team in it's entirety. So, with great sadness, I present to you our Pro Football Focus review for this week:

Offensive MVP


Should've Taken A Sick Day

Justin Pugh (-4.3) - Is Justin Pugh injured? I seriously have no idea what happened to this guy. He stones Ryan Kerrigan and handles J.J. Watt for the most part, but he gets torn to shreds by Connor Barwin? Seriously? He allowed four sacks of Eli Manning. That's unacceptable and he knows it.

Needs To Take A Long Look In The Mirror

Eli Manning (-3.4) - Manning was under duress for a lot of the game, but he also regressed back into 2013 mode at times. He held on to the ball for way too long for periods of the game and was the cause of a delay of game penalty. He was accurate for the most part, but he needs to deal with pressure better if the Giants are to succeed.

Larry Donnell (-3.3) - Almost all of his negative grade came from run blocking and I can understand why. Andre Williams had absolutely nowhere to run all night and I personally saw Donnell miss on a few key blocks.

Weston Richburg (-3.3) - Didn't get much push in the run game, allowed a few pressures in the pass game, and made an absolute boneheaded personal foul penalty. The rookie was in over his head in this game after a streak of great games. He'll learn, but this was not his brightest moment.

John Jerry (-2.8) - As far as actual play goes, he, Will Beatty, and J.D. Walton weren't all that horrific on the line. He scored only mildly negative in both run block and pass block. He did, however, get an atrocious three penalties called on him and that was the bulk of his negative score.

Rueben Randle (-1.1) - Caught all of his targets but didn't really get any YAC and wasn't any help as a blocker.

The Defensive Guy Who Didn't Embarrass Himself

Cullen Jenkins (+3.2) - Consistently was disruptive at the line of scrimmage. He got nice pressure on Nick Foles and made a couple stops in the backfield against Lesean McCoy. Certainly was the "MVP" of the defense for this game and while I wouldn't say he could hold his head high, he's not to blame for the defensive breakdown.

Other Defenders Who Didn't Blow It

Zackary Bowman (+2.0) - Came in for the injured Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and allowed 0 receptions on 2 targets with an interception. Covered Jeremy Maclin and for the most part shut him down. Well done for him and gives me a little bit of hope if DRC is out for a period of time.

Jameel McClain (+1.3) - When he was in, he keyed in on McCoy and had him down for a few stops. Didn't really embarrass himself in pass coverage either.

Jacquian Williams (+1.1) - He played an overall strong game, allowing only three catches for 19 yards and had two stops in the run game.

Antrel Rolle (+1.1) - Got bullied in the run game but had a terrific day in coverage as he was targeted 4 times, allowing only a 3 yard catch and run to Shady.

Something Has Gone Horribly Awry

Quintin Demps (-4.5) - He was equally bad in run defense and in coverage, often playing out of position. In coverage he allowed three catches on three targets for 55 yards and a TD. Zach Ertz annihilated him. Giants have some serious questions about the safety spot opposite Antrel Rolle.

Other Cringeworthy Performances

Trumaine McBride (-4.3) - His performance in pass coverage was almost as bad as Demps'. I want to go a bit easier on him, though, now that we have news of his dislocated thumb being bad enough to require surgery.

Jason Pierre-Paul (-3.1) - He was confident. He had a chance to shut the injured and totally not playing Jason Kelce up, and instead put together a sorry performance. He had four hurries on Nick Foles but that stat is misleading as that was a result of Foles holding on to the ball long enough for JPP to finally get close to him.

Markus Kuhn (-2.5) - Kuhn looked pretty bad out there, getting pushed around in run defense and unable to generate any real pass rush. I still question the decision to sit Jay Bromley for him.

Robert Ayers (-1.1) - Certainly a surprise to see Ayers here but PFF credits him only with one QB hit on 18 pass rush attempts. When it rains, it pours I suppose.