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Philly talk show host celebrates Victor Cruz injury

Mike Missanelli tweets that 'Cruz is over.'

Rich Schultz

The Philadelphia Eagles stomped all over the New York Giants on Sunday night, embarrassing them in a 27-0 victory. That wasn't enough for Philly sports radio talk show host Mike Missanelli, who had to celebrate on Twitter after the devastating season-ending injury suffered by wide receiver Victor Cruz.


Missanelli has since deleted the tweet and tried to apologize:

"I apologize for the Cruz tweet. I didn't see that he got hurt on the play. Was outside the stadium and saw he dropped it walking to my car," he tweeted.

Missanelli is a sports talk radio host at Philadelphia's 97.5 The Zone.

NFL reporter Albert Breer took offense to the remark. So did the New York Daily News (hat tip to;

daily news

Missanelli, per The Big Lead, has a history of getting himself into trouble. He picked on sideline reporter Erin Andrews over a dress she wore at an MLB All-Star Game and got suspended for homophobic language.

You had to know there would be at least one reaction like this.