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Post-Game Quotebook: Giants have no answers

Let's look at what Giants players were saying after Sunday's humbling 27-0 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rich Schultz

Over at Bleeding Green Nation, Philadelphia Eagles fans are celebrating the idea that their team 'shut up and shut out' the New York Giants on Sunday night. It is  hard thought to argue with -- because it is true.

The New York Giants talked big entering Sunday's showdown with the Eagles. They mocked the Eagles lack of Super Bowl titles. Jason Pierre-Paul, math skills aside, said the Eagles were lucky to be 1-4. Antrel Rolle said the Giants, not the Eagles, were the team to beat in the NFC East. The Giants stomped on the Eagles' logo at midfield prior to the game.

After Sunday's one-sided 27-0 shellacking by the Eagles, a game during which the Giants were never close to being competitive, the Giants had nothing to say.

Rolle said the Giants "took today off."

"Horrible game on our part. No other way around it. You can't sugarcoat it. They came out hungry and we didn't. It showed on the field.

"No rhyme or reason for it. In this league you can't take days off, you can't take ‘em off. We took today off."

Eli Manning seemed to agree.

"We didn't have any answers for ‘em. It's a good reminder. You can't just show up on the field and have things happen for you automatically. You gotta earn it."

Prince Amukamara:

"We definitely got punched in the mouth. One of those situations where we started bleeding and we couldn't puit a Band-Aid on it. They were the better team today."


"Philly was the more physical team tonight. They beat us up front. Beat us in all areas, special teams, offense and defense. They came out to win. You see the score."