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Report -- Tom Quinn back as special teams coordinator

Report indicates Quinn will be retained as Giants special teams coach.


Tom Quinn will return to the New York Giants next season as special teams coordinator, according to a report from That means that the only new coordinator the Giants will have in 2014 is whoever they hire to replace the retired Kevin Gilbride.

The Giants' special teams struggled in 2013. They allowed three punt returns for touchdowns, and had little success in the return game.

Quinn has been special teams coordinator for the Giants for the past seven seasons, often with mixed results.

Quinn's job performance is often a subject of debate among fans, and has been here at Big Blue View on many occasions. There was plenty of speculation that the poor performance in 2013 would cost him his job. Ultimately, it did not.

An argument can be made that special teams performance is less about scheme and coaching than it is about the depth a team has or does not have on its roster. With a high number of injuries, and a roster that perhaps was not as deep as thought to begin with, it can be argued that Quinn's units never had a chance to succeed.

Regardless, Quinn is back. We know you will want to vent, so go ahead.