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Perry Fewell passed over -- Washington Redskins hire Jay Gruden

Giants' defensive coordinator had interviewed for the Washington job earlier this week.

Jay Gruden will be the Redskins' head coach
Jay Gruden will be the Redskins' head coach
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins have their new head coach, and it apparently is not New York Giants' defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. Fewell had interviewed for the job earlier this week.

This means that Fewell, defensive coordinator for the Giants for four seasons now, is staying in New York. Unless, that is, someone else comes calling. Following the 2011 season he interviewed with the Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans. He had no interviews for head-coaching jobs last offseason.

The Redskins had a long list of candidates for the job, but a source told me Gruden was the favorite for the job from the beginning. See SB Nation NFL for more on the news, and visit Hogs Haven for reaction to the Redskins' hiring of Gruden, formerly the offensive coordinator with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Thoughts on Fewell staying, Giants' fans?