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New York Giants' news, 1/9: Cruz -- lack of offseason work costly

New York Giants' headlines for Thursday, 1/9/14.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Victor Cruz not only endorsed Mike Sullivan for the New York Giants vacant offensive coordinator job on Wednesday, but he spoke about a variety of other topics as well during a promotional appearance for X Box.

Cruz told reporters that the lack of offseason work between quarterback Eli Manning and the receivers hurt the team. Cruz missed OTAs while negotiating a new contract, and Hakeem Nicks skipped OTAs and spent much of training camp and the preseason nursing an injury.

"Honestly, I thought we’d go in and we’d pick it up right where we left off," Cruz said. "Especially with guys like that that have been around and done it before, like myself and Hakeem. It goes to show you it takes a lot more than just that. You’ve got to build a lot more continuity and more trust mentally with your quarterback."

The issues were evident all season.

"You could definitely feel it throughout the season," Cruz said. "You could see it from game to game that our productivity wasn’t there."

Cruz also said the Giants felt extra pressure to reach the Super Bowl which, of course, is at MetLife Stadium.

"You wanna win, you wanna play in that Super Bowl here. You wanna be that first team to host it and things like that. It’s tough, but you kinda just gotta play every game, fight through and see what happens. We definitely felt a little bit of pressure for sure."

Here are some of today's other, non-offensive coordinator vacancy, headlines.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins have each requested permission to interview Giants vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross for the vacant general manager jobs. Ross has been primarily responsible the giants' college scouting in recent years.

Worried about Super Bowl XLVIII weather? Well, here is one report that says you have no reason to be.

Is veteran Kevin Boothe part of the solution for the Giants offensive line.

Terrell Thomas made it through his comeback season unscathed. Now, he is looking for bigger and better things. From the Daily News:

Thomas will be a free agent this offseason, and he said his prime concern is to secure a starting job - whether it's with the Giants or elsewhere.

"I want to be a starter," he said. "At the end of the day, whether it's at safety, corner, nickel, I want to start, 16 games, every game, contribute every game I can. I want to get back to my old ways."