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POLL: What should Giants do with Will Hill?

If the troubled young star is suspended by the NFL for part of a third straight season should the Giants cut ties with him?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Will Hill is a potential star in the NFL. The New York Giants' safety can run, cover, tackle, play the ball -- pretty much do everything you want a safety to do.

Trouble is, the 23-year-old Hill can't stay out of trouble. Depending on the NFL's findings regarding Hill's recent arrest, where police apparently detected an odor of marijuana in the car Hill was riding in, he could face his third suspension in as many years. Hill served four-game bans in his first two seasons, and third drug-related suspension would be for eight games.

If that happens, should the Giants cut ties with Hill? The Giants gave Hill a chance when no one else would, and have stuck with him through the first two suspensions. It becomes difficult to construct a defense, though, when you know one of your key elements isn't going to be there full time.

At what point do the Giants move on? If they re-sign free agents Stevie Brown and Ryan Mundy to go along with Antrel Rolle and Cooper Taylor they would have plenty of depth.

Vote in the poll and let us know what you would do if Hill is suspended again.