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Giants' David Diehl announces retirement from football

Offensive lineman retires after 11 seasons as a starter for the Giants.

David Diehl
David Diehl
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

David Diehl is retiring. The New York Giants' offensive lineman made that official today, leaving the game after an 11-year career with the Giants during which he helped the team win two Super Bowls.

"I love football," Diehl said. "I love being in the game, I love watching film, I love doing all of that and I’m going to miss that aspect of it. But I know I’m ready to start the new and next chapter of my life. I’m ready to not only be a bigger part of my daughter’s life, but I’m ready to spread my knowledge and help other people with the game and continue to do stuff throughout our community and charity work and be involved with the New York Giants in any way possible.

"I’ve accomplished everything I could possibly dream of as a football player. If in 2003, anyone would have said that Dave Diehl, a fifth-round draft pick out of Illinois, would win two Super Bowls, play in the Pro Bowl and win every single Giant award possible, people would have said you’re crazy. I have a lot to be proud of."

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A fifth-round pick in 2003, Diehl started all but three of the 164 games he played for the Giants. His versatility, starting at four different positions on the line during his career, helped the Giants win two titles.

During the latter stages of his career, Diehl was often a favorite target of frustrated fans as his skills had begun to diminish. Today, though, is a day for thanking Diehl for what he meant to the Giants over the past 11 years. Without his versatility and willingness to sacrifice the Giants might not win those two titles.

Your thoughts, Giants' fans?