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New York Giants' Positional Review: Quarterback -- Where we kill Eli Manning, again

Today we look at quarterback, the final spot in our position-by-position review of the New York Giants.

Eli Manning found himself in positions like this far too often in 2013
Eli Manning found himself in positions like this far too often in 2013

We have reached the final spot in our position-by-position reviews of the New York Giants. That would be quarterback.

2013 Overview

Eli Manning was awful. He had the worst season of his career, partially his own fault and partially because the 'talent' around him wasn't, well, very talented. He also spent much of the season running, unsuccessfully, from opposing pass-rushers. The running quarterback might be the rage in the NFL these days, but when it's Eli doing the running it's never by design -- and rarely a good thing.

As for the backups, for some reason the Giants thought Curtis Painter was a better player than David Carr, and changed veteran backups. Ryan Nassib got drafted and got an NFL paycheck. That's about all we know.


Eli Manning -- We've been over Manning's career-worst season a bunch of times. He threw 27 interceptions and had the all-around worst season of his career. Manning is only 33, too young to think he has no good football left. He is, however, too messed up at this point to guarantee he can regain his magic touch. The 2014 season is a pivotal one for his career, and the future of the Giants.

Curtis Painter -- Painter beat out Carr for the backup job, and really was irrelevant. He played in three games and completed 8-of-16 passes with two interceptions.

Ryan Nassib -- Despite cries from fans who at least wanted to see him dress for games, Nassib never did. The Giants maintained that Nassib was not ready, and that drafting him was not about 2013. Tom Coughlin stuck to that. Nassib needs to be able to win the backup job in 2014. If he can't, why is he on the roster at all?

NFL Draft/Free Agency

I can't imagine the Giants do much of anything here except maybe bring in a different veteran quarterback to compete for a backup spot. One theory when the Giants drafted Nassib was that they would eventually try to spin him for a higher draft pick than the fourth-rounder they used on him. Since he never dressed for a game I doubt he has any trade value right now.

In the end the Giants' quarterback situation for 2014 comes down to two things:

1. Can new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo get Manning straightened out? If he can't the Giants will be a hot mess again on offense.

2. Can Nassib win the backup job? If not, the Giants will be wasting a roster spot on a third quarterback again, and the selection of Nassib will look like a complete waste. Not that it doesn't already. The Giants have enough other needs, they shouldn't be drafting quarterbacks until they are really looking for Manning's long-term replacement. Nassib won't be that guy.