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Big Blue View 2013 Community stats: Your most active commenter was ...

Who commented here at BBV the most times during 2013?

I seriously hope none of you are in this photo
I seriously hope none of you are in this photo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Who are the most active commenters/posters here at Big Blue View? Our friends at SB Nation HQ have compiled that data for us for the entire 2013 calendar year, and the results are below.

Our most active commenter is if GIF-master himself, 'Fester McDougal.'

Who is going to knock 'Fester' off his throne in 2014? Looks like some of you need to step up your game. Oh, and let's see what Fester has for a celebratory GIF. We're sure he will cook one up.

Most Comments

Fester McDougal 8524
Invictus XI 8460
The Frozen Tundra 6065
costanza! 6005
Raptor22 5515
Exiled in Missouri 5494
Late for Dinner 5306
Rorschach44 5017
The Curse 4725
The hammer 4492

Now, let's look at those who used Fanposts most frequently. 'The Frozen Tundra' did so 19 times, leading the way:

Most FanPosts

The Frozen Tundra 19
Just J 17
Raptor22 15
tito where'd you go 13
Willgfass 13
Nfpdawg 10
Skii31 10
#56 4life
MSP Giant
metsgiants3380 7

I am not even going to post the 'Fanshot' numbers. Yours truly is the only one who posted more than two of those the entire 2013 calendar year. I would love to see you guys use the Fanposts and Fanshots more frequently.

Regardless, enjoy the numbers.