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Giants' Terrell Thomas NOT voted Comeback Player of the Year

PFWA voters give honor to San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers.

Terrell Thomas
Terrell Thomas
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers is the PWFA Comeback Player of the Year? Oh, really? Umm, no disrespect to Rivers or the media members who belong to the PWFA, but how can that honor not go to Terrell Thomas of the New York Giants?

Yes, it's nice that Rivers played well after a couple of down seasons and led his team to the playoffs -- which should be good news for Eli Manning and the Giants. Playing well after playing poorly isn't, however, anywhere near what Thomas accomplished.

You know the story, Giants' fans. Thomas returned this season after missing back-to-back seasons with ACL tears. He played in all 16 games and became the first NFL defensive back to return to action after three ACL tears to the same knee. THAT is a comeback.