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Coughlin issues statement on 'difficult decisions' about Ingram, Pope

Here is head coach Tom Coughlin's statement on the removal of running backs coach Jerald Ingram and tight ends coach Mike Pope from the New York Giants' coaching staff.

"Both of these men are very good talent evaluators and, in their own way, are very good teachers," Coughlin said. "I decided to make a change in our staff that I believe will be productive going forward. These are very difficult decisions, but I felt they were in the best interests of the Giants moving forward."

Pope had been the Giants' tight ends coach since 2000, while Ingram has coached the running backs since Coughlin's arrival in 2004.

Ingram had worked for Coughlin for more than 20 years, beginning in 1991 at Boston College. Pope has been an NFL coach for 31 years, 23 with the Giants. He has been part of the coaching staff for every Giants' Super Bowl appearance. He also coached with the New England Patriots when they went to the Super Bowl in 1996.