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Giants' offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo ready for 'big step'

McAdoo hired to rebuild 'broken' Giants' offense.

Ben McAdoo
Ben McAdoo
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What, exactly, will the New York Giants' offense look like under new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo? We don't know for sure, although you can look at his former team -- the Green Bay Packers -- for clues. The only thing we do know for sure is that there will be changes. Oh, that and the fact that it is incredibly difficult to find photos of McAdoo.

Head coach Tom Coughlin said Tuesday night that the Giants would "try to compromise" McAdoo's new system with what the Giants already have in place, adding that "there will be change."

'This is obviously a big step. ... It's an opportunity I feel I've been groomed for.' - Ben McAdoo

What will a McAdoo offense look like? Proving that he is well-versed in coach-speak, the 36-year-old McAdoo said this:

"We’re going to be an up-tempo, attacking-style offense. We’re going to play with good energy. And we’re going to rely on fundamentals."

The Giants have been a power-run team with an emphasis on play-action and the vertical passing game. McAdoo has been in Green Bay for eight years, where the approach is more West Coast offense style with shorter drops, quicker throws and an emphasis on creating run-after-catch opportunities.

"I think this is the best coach for the job," Coughlin said. "With his experiences, I think he brings a lot to the table. Our players are going to be excited to hear what he has to say."

McAdoo said Tuesday that he wants to get started "yesterday" on installing his offense.

"We need to get moving quickly. It's a great staff. I look forward to coming in and starting with a clean slate," McAdoo said.

"I spent some time looking at the Giants' personnel last week. It's been a whirlwind. I look forward to meeting with the players and getting started."

There appears to be little concern on the part of Coughlin or McAdoo that the new offensive coordinator has never called plays at the NFL level.

"This is obviously a big step. It's also another step in the progression of a coach's career. It's a golden opportunity for me. It's an opportunity I feel I've been groomed for. And I look forward to it," McAdoo said.

"This will be the first job where I call plays on Sunday. When you get your first opportunity in this league, you start to prepare for that (calling plays). I feel like with the way we prepared with the coaches, and Mike McCarthy does a great job getting the coaches ready, we'll respond. I'm ready to take that task head on."

The Giants are ready for that, as well.

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