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TV Ratings: Giants' local market rating among worst in NFL

The Giants' play on the field has plummeted the past two seasons, and that has adversely affected the team's local market TV ratings.

Empty seats were common at MetLife Stadium near the end of the Giants' season
Empty seats were common at MetLife Stadium near the end of the Giants' season
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

When you don't make the playoffs, fans pay less attention. When they pay less attention, they don't attend games -- or bother to watch them on television. It's little wonder then, that the local market television ratings for the New York Giants have dropped in each of the past two seasons, according to Sports Business Daily.

The Giants were, in fact, the third-worst local TV market draw in the NFL in 2013. The Giants drew a 15.3 local market rating in 2013, well below the NFL average of 28.5.

The top five draws in their local markets in 2013 were as follows:

New Orleans Saints (52.0), Denver Broncos (43.5), Green Bay Packers (42.9), Kansas City Chiefs (42.9), Seattle Seahawks (38.6).

In 2011 the Giants drew an 18.0 local rating. This season's 15.3 rating marks a drop of 15 percent. Only three teams -- the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets and Oakland Raiders experienced bigger dropoffs over the two-year period. The Jets (12.3) and Raiders (10.9) are, in fact, the only NFL teams drawing a lower local market TV rating.

Giants' co-owner John Mara said in his season-ending press conference that he is "very cognizant" of empty seats. They, of course, don't make him very happy. Perhaps the low TV ratings are partially a function of sharing the area with the Jets. Mara won't be happy to see the declining viewership, regardless.