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David Wilson facing neck surgery, uncertain future

David Wilson, the Giants' 2012 first-round draft choice, will have surgery later this month to repair a herniated disc.

Wesley Hitt

Running back David Wilson will undergo neck surgery later this month, the New York Giants announced on Thursday. Wilson's NFL future is uncertain.

The Giants entered the 2013 season hoping to build their rushing attack around the 2012 first-round pick. Now, general manager Jerry Reese admits the Giants can't count on Wilson ever playing again.

"You have to look at him differently, because he's got the whole neck issue hovering over him right now," Reese said in an interview on WFAN. " Our medical staff feels like he'll be ready to play this fall, but the neck and back - that's pretty tricky. So you never know. ... you can't go into the season saying, ‘Well, David, he'll be healthy and ready to go.' "

Wilson will have a fusion of the vertebrae to repair the herniated disc in his neck. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Frank Cammisa on January 16 at the Hospital of Special Surgery.

Wilson's upcoming surgery and the free agency of Andre Brown, the Giants' leading rusher in 2013, leaves team's running back situation up in the air heading into 2014.