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Interactive Mock Draft: LB Christian Jones taken in Round 3

Christian Jones to Giants in Round 3 of our mock draft

Christian Jones
Christian Jones
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In Round 3 of our interactive 2014 NFL Mock Draft it appears the Big Blue View community was determined to select a linebacker. The choice, in a very narrow vote, was Florida State linebacker Christian Jones with 62 votes, or 31 percent. Finishing second with 29 votes (30 percent) was Stanford linebacker Shayne Skov.

We had 197 votes for Round 3. So, thus far our draft has been Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson in Round 1, Stanford offensive guard David Yankey in Round 2 and now Jones in Round 3.

Jones is No. 41 on the Big Blue View Big Board. In our prospect profile of Jones, 'Raptor' writes that "The Giants value versatility, and Jones has it in spades. Or possibly diamonds... Whatever the suit, he's flush with versatility."

My apologies for the delay in announcing the Round 3 results. Sometimes life intervenes. Now, we move on to Round 4. Vote in the poll.