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Interactive NFL Mock Draft: David Yankey, G, Stanford to Giants in Round 2

David Yankey
David Yankey
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The second round of our interactive 2014 NFL Mock Draft here at Big Blue View provided a very close result, and an interesting discussion. The selection ended up being Staford offensive guard David Yankey, meaning Big Blue View readers have selected offensive linemen with the first two picks. Auburn tackle Greg Robinson was the pick at No. 12 in Round 1.

In our Round 2 poll Yankey barely edged Texas Tech tight end Jace Amaro, getting 32 percent of the vote (45 votes) to 27 percent (38 votes) for Amaro.

Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier got 15 percent of the vote.Interestingly, many of the comments were pro-Shazier and pro-Beckham, but the voting did not support the comments.

Now we move on to Round 3 in our mock. It gets trickier as we get deeper into the rounds. The selections in the poll are really somewhat subjective as I am giving you players I believe the Giants may actually consider.