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2014 NFL Mock Draft: 'Interactive' mock draft for the Giants

Think you are worthy of being an NFL general manager? Let's try an 'interactive' mock draft for the New York Giants and see how we make out.

Radio City Music Hall during the 2013 NFL Draft
Radio City Music Hall during the 2013 NFL Draft

Mock drafts are the spice of life around Big Blue View and most NFL-related web sites at this time of year. NFL experts, analysts and plain old draftniks spend tons of time telling you what they think NFL teams will do in the 2014 NFL Draft, and we spend tons of time telling you about and analyzing those mock drafts.

Well, let's do a little something different today. Let's give you an opportunity to tell us what you would do if you were drafting for the Giants. Let's hold an 'interactive' 2014 NFL mock draft. Using the mock draft tool from Fanspeak I will simulate the draft through six rounds, selecting as the Giants.The Giants, due to the trade for Jon Beason, do not have a seventh-round selection.

Each time the Giants are on the clock I will poll you, giving you somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes to vote on the player you wish to select. Majority rules, so the player with the most votes will be the one I select. In the event of a tie, I will make the choice.

The plan is to put these in the form of a StoryStream, so that you can see them all in one place. Let's get started. I have already simulated the first 11 picks. Vote in the poll and let us know who you would choose with the Giants' first-round pick, No. 12 overall.

Keep in mind that we are at the mercy of the simulator in terms of players chosen before the Giants' selection. I will give you a handful of choices for each round based on who is still available.