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2014 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

Could TCU cornerback Jason Verrett interest the New York Giants? We profile Verrett today.

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The New York Giants pass defense played much better than expected last year, but that does not mean it comes without questions. There are concerns about all players at cornerback not named Prince Amukamara. If Trumaine McBride, a free agent, is back can he repeat his performance (he actually scored better according to PFF than teammate Amukamara (actually much better in coverage. McBride's +6.6 in coverage was rated 13th-best in the league last year!). Anyway, the Giants have Terrell Thomas and Jayron Hosley behind McBride and Amukamara, and both have injury concerns. The Giants could look for cornerback at some point, possibly even early in the draft.


Verrett possess many of the attributes of a top rated cornerback. He has good speed, loose hips, he is a player who is aware, he plays a physical game, he has played all the techniques used by cornerbacks. He throws his body into the action in the run game. He has plus ball skills, intercepting six passes in 2012 and two more in 2013. He can turn his hips and run with receivers as well as mirror receivers and stay in their hip pockets. He's a gamer. His play on the field says he plays like a top 12 pick.


Verrett is little. That is really the knock on Verrett. He measures in at 5-foot-10 and a 176 pounds, but he's probably 5-9 and maybe under 170 pounds. Verrett is small and he'll be relegated to playing nickel cornerback in the NFL. Even though the nickel cornerback position is more important in today's game, who wants to spend a first- or second-round pick on a guy who will only play nickel cornerback?

Compares to: He actually plays very much like Jayron Hosley played in college, except A) he was more consistent than Hosley was with better footwork, and B) Hosley is bigger and straight line faster.

Does He Fit With The Giants?

Not exactly. I think he's a redundant player for the Giants. Hosley has been hurt in his short time in the NFL, but Hosley was drafted because of everything good I said about Verrett here. Good athlete, tough competitor, great ball skills, good speed. Also other than Hosley, under GM Jerry Reese the Giants have shown a penchant for big cornerbacks. Bruce Johnson was 5-11 and he's the smallest one I can remember (unless of course I'm forgetting someone).

Prospect Video

Video from DcheeseB on youtube

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 33rd

Mocking The Draft - 18th

CBS Sports - 34th

Draft Countdown - 34th

Draft Tek - 20th

Final Thoughts

He might be the best cornerback in the draft and in college, but with all the monster wide receivers in the NFL he's at a huge disadvantage. Imagine him trying to cover Alshon Jeffery or Brandon Marshall. It'd maybe be impossible. He's a nickel cornerback in the NFL and that really hurts his value.