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Antrel Rolle 'extremely honored' to be a Giants' captain

Rolle's leadership recognized by his teammates.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

This week the New York Giants announced their selection of five captains this season, one of which is safety Antrel Rolle.

Rolle joins Justin Tuck, Eli Manning, Chris Snee, and Zak DeOssie to wear the captains patch and hold the responsibility to lead their teammates. Rolle is nothing but honored by this.

"As a young kid, you always dream about certain things," said Rolle. "You dream about playing in the NFL, you dream about making Pro Bowls. I know being named captain of the New York Football Giants is a huge accomplishment."

Over his years with the Giants Rolle has always been the more outspoken player on the team. His first few years had a lot of complaints as opposed to the last couple of years where he's spoken his mind about this team that was constructive criticism. Either way a leadership role for him was in his future. It was just a matter of when.

"Being a captain definitely holds its value and there's a huge standard and reputation you have to live up to, but at the same time it's not about me being a leader," said Rolle. "It's about getting other people to lead and having a team full of leaders. It's not about one guy, two guys, three individuals, it's about going out there as a team."

I think Rolle deserves to wear that captain patch. He has proven over the last few years that he can be a leader in that secondary. It's something he's already been doing for years. The patch just makes it official.

"We know that we're a great team, we just have to prove that we're a great team consistently," said Rolle. "That's something that we've done off and on but never on a consistent basis. I think that's the message thus far."

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