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Coughlin's Friday Press Conference: JPP, and a little levity

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Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants says he is a "game-time decision" for Sunday's season-opener vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Head coach Tom Coughlin said Friday that "It’s not going to be game time. We’ll make up our minds before that."

Either way, Pierre-Paul is hauling his surgically-repaired back onto the airplane for the trip to Dallas, which is good news for Giants' fans.

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Here are a couple of other highlights from Coughlin's Friday press conference.

I love this exchange between a reporter who, obviously, did not frame a question very well and Coughlin, whose sense of humor often goes unappreciated.

Q: Victor signed a big contract in the offseason.

A: He did?

Here's a little more TC levity, talking about Pierre-Paul making the trip to Dallas.

"He'll be on the trip. So he can get in my ear longer. I‘d hate to be that far away from him, then he'd have to call me on the phone."

Finally, here is Coughlin on the impact the Super Bowl countdown clock in the locker room has on the ability to focus on one game at a time. This one is a straight answer.

"That's just a mental thing for the players to refer to. What my position has been on that is that you've got to earn that right. We realize where the Super Bowl is being played. We all understand and have heard it over the course of the year and the offseason. Any type of motivation that we can accomplish with that, we'll do that, but that's a lofty goal and 32 teams in this league right now have that as their goal and you've got to work your way towards that. That's the way we've always been, to be honest with you. We have our goals. Certainly that's one of them. The direct way that you get to have a chance to be in the playoffs is that you've got to do a good job in your division."

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