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In sophomore campaign, David Wilson ready to seize opportunity

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Giants running back David Wilson feels more comfortable in Year 2


David Wilson's rookie season had its fair share of ups and downs, to put it bluntly, but the second-year running back believes 2013 will entail mostly ups.

The former first-rounder is now entrenched as the New York Giants' starting running back, and Sunday will mark his first real challenge as the team's main option coming out of the backfield.

In Year 2, Wilson proclaims he is more comfortable in Kevin Gilbride's offense, more well-rounded and ready to seize the opportunity to be the featured back.

"I know more of the offense this year and I can be more effective that way, because I know if I'm asked to do something I can do it," Wilson said Thursday. "Last year, I had limitations of not knowing certain things and not being able to react on the fly when certain opportunities were presented. Just having a year under my belt makes me more knowledgeable about the game."

The biggest difference for Wilson as he transitions from his rookie to sophomore year is his confidence level.

'I know more of the offense this year and I can be more effective that way, because I know if I'm asked to do something I can do it.' - David Wilson

Wilson opened his 2012 with a fumble, quickly entering coach Tom Coughlin's doghouse, and not really bouncing back toward the tail end of the season when he enjoyed a bit of a breakout with Ahmad Bradshaw and Andre Brown sidelined with injuries.

That success sustained during the end of the year, in tandem with a productive offseason and training camp, has Wilson more mentally prepared for his sophomore season.

"(Last year) there was a lot more thrown at me and there was a lot more I had to learn; my mind was tying up my feet sometimes," Wilson said. "Even the game or practice -- you see when I had an opportunity on kickoff return, there's not much to think about -- just run and read the blocks and that's what I'm naturally knowing to do. That's something I've never forgotten; it's just having more knowledge of the game."

Wilson is expected to carry the majority of the workload for the Giants against the Dallas Cowboys, as the team lost Brown in the preseason finale against the New England Patriots.

With Brown sidelined until at least Week 8, Wilson may still be a part of a running back rotation, according to Gilbride, but the coaching staff expects Wilson to remain a large part of the team's offensive game plan.

"We'd like to see David go maybe a little bit more than we've done in the past," the offensive coordinator said. "He's going to be a big part of what we're doing. What that translates into is number of plays. I'd be less than honest if I told you it was going to be 20 or 30 percent ... Make a couple of big plays for us and give us what we hope and feels he's capable of -- some athletic plays not everybody can do."

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