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New York Giants' Inactives: No surprises

Giants' inactives for Sunday's game with the Cheifs.

David Baas (64) won't be in the Giants' lineup today.
David Baas (64) won't be in the Giants' lineup today.
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants' long injury list made figuring out their inactive list for Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs pretty uncomplicated. Offensive linemen David Baas (neck) and Chris Snee (hip) were ruled out on Friday, along with cornerback Corey Webster (hip) and tight end Adrien Robinson (foot).


C David Baas (knee)
G Chris Snee (hip)
CB Corey Webster (hip)
TE Adrien Robinson (foot)
Cooper Taylor (shoulder)
DT Johnathan Hankins
QB Ryan Nassib

Taylor practiced this week, but it's no surprise he won' be active. He did not go through contact all week. Neither Hankins nor Nassib has been active for any of the Giants' four games thus far. Taylor's absence leaves the Giants with only Antrel Rolle and ryan Mundy as active safeties. Terrell Thomas or Aaron Ross would likely play there in an emergency. Ross will start in Webster's spot at cornerback.

David Diehl (thumb) is active for the first time this season. How much, or where, he might play is still unknown.