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POLL: How should Giants configure offensive line?

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How would you configure the Giants' injury-ravaged offensive line on Sunday?

Brandon Mosley
Brandon Mosley
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin is guarding the secret of the Giants' offensive line alignment for Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs the way the CIA guards classified information. Of course, maybe that is because as of Friday Coughlin himself had no idea what that alignment would be.

David Baas won't be at center. Chris Snee won't be at right guard. David Diehl is listed as doubtful as he works his way back from thumb surgery. Let's assume he won't play.

That means some combination of three largely untested young linemen -- James Brewer, Jim Cordle and Brandon Mosley -- will play.

What combo do you want to see take the field Sunday against what has thus far been the NFL's best pass rush? Do you want Cordle at center with Boothe at one guard and Mosley or Brewer at the other guard? Or, Boothe at center with Brewer and Mosley flanking him?

Vote in our poll and let us know.

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