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Carl Banks clarifies remarks about Giants

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Banks tells WFAN he stands by his comments, but did not say the Giants "quit" vs. the Panthers.

Streeter Lecka

Carl Banks created a bit of a firestorm earlier this week with remarks that the New York Giants did not show enough fight in a 38-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers. In some circles that was taken as Banks saying the Giants "quit." Friday on WFAN with Joe & Evan Banks set the record straight.

"I own every word I said.," Banks told Joe and Evan. "The only thing I’ve had an issue with are some people who have taken some of the things I’ve said and decided to become a translator or interpreter and make it something else."

Banks, a former great Giants linebacker and current radio analyst, explained further.

"To use that word ‘quit' is a very strong word. I know exactly what I said and what I said is not open for interpretation," he said. "I'm accountable for everything I say and I think about what I say so when I say something to the magnitude I did on Monday I knew exactly what I was saying.

"I don't know the team well enough to say who quit and who didn't. I can say that they're not fighting."

Banks expects to see a better effort from the 0-3 Giants Sunday when they face the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

"They know that (Carolina game) was in defiance of all that they stand for, that they've stood for as champions," Banks said. "My guess is that you'll see, and it may not translate into a win, but my guess is you'll see a team that plays with a lot more determination."

Can the Giants salvage this season. Banks sounded as though he still believes they can be a good team.

"I don't believe in this team any less. I still believe that offensively they've got one of the more talented offenses in football. They've gotta take care of the little things so that that talent can shine," Banks said.

"Defensively I think they are beyond adequate. I think they can do a pretty good job and they have at times. Consistency is their key. A lot of that comes out with the way you approach the game and your competition."

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