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Hakeem Nicks Trade Rumors: There is nothing to them

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Nicks rumors have been running rampant on Twitter. They are untrue.

Hakeem Nicks is still a Giant.
Hakeem Nicks is still a Giant.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors were swirling around the Internet Thursday night that New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks had been, or was about to be, traded to the Detroit Lions. Those rumors are untrue.

Nicks is still a New York Giants, and he will suit up for them Sunday when they face the Kansas City Chiefs. Sorry, Lions' fans.

The whirlwind of rumors came from unreliable sources on Twitter and, of course, stirred up a hornet's nest with many people biting on the rumors hook, line and sinker.

My only advice? Look at where these "reports" come from before you fall for them. If you are a savvy NFL fan you know that Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer, Mike Garafolo, Aaron Wilson and a few others -- along with Giants' beat writers -- are your best sources of information.

Nicks' long-term future with the Giants is in doubt, with him being a free agent at the end of the season. In the short term, however, expect to see him on the field for the Giants on Sunday.